Posted by: inducelabor | June 3, 2008

How To Induce Labor Safely

Finally! I’ve got it all right and passed through my 40 and a half week long pregnancy… I know it wasn’t the longest one, but I am so glad that it is over and that is right as it should be. Feel so lucky… I am so aware that there are a lot of you girls and future mums out there, that struggle with the question how to induce labor when the baby for some reason doesn’t want to come out. During the week 38 and 39, I was becoming more aware that the possibility of medical induction slowly increases. That was the breaking point for me.

I decided to do everything I can to trigger the labor safely and naturally. I’ve read soooo much about everything. Yahoo Answers section for pregnant ladies was my everyday-favorite company. I’ve read tons of articles and notes where pregnant girls like me, encourage and suggest one another what is the best to do and what is the safest way of how to induce labor . It eased my mind and relaxed me a lot, I confess. I knew I was not alone and just that… was big. But there was still too many different opinions and at first I was too scared if I would make the right choice.

First thing I decided was that I won’t do anything that incorporates the slightest amount of possibility that something bad will happen to my baby.

Very popular method in the past, using castor oil to induce labor, I left to be my last hope, since I concluded, after tons of material I’ve read, that the best time to use it, is when the contractions have begun and you are already dilated in some percentage, but it lasts too long and your body is so exhausted that it seems you cannot take it any more. And even then, it wasn’t the riskless option to follow. Even then, I learned, you should do nothing, without asking your midwife or doctor first, cause there is real possibility of severe diarrhea and fetal distress that may be consequence of strong contractions, caused by castor oil. I was lucky and chose the right way how to induce labor, so I didn’t have to decide about that at the end.


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