Posted by: inducelabor | June 5, 2008

How To Induce Labor Naturally, By Focusing On Healthy Lifestyle

After I determined that my new keyword phrases for the last pregnancy days are SAFE FOR THE BABY AND ME and NATURAL ABOVE ALL, it seemed that the hard part was over. I was confident that the secret formula for how to induce labor naturally was finally complete.

Although the week 39 has begun, I could still walk pretty fast (for a pregnant girl!!) and thankfully to my best friend Ilona, I was never alone in the morning walks through the park nearby, and my husband was always there to accompany me at the evening, when he was back home from his job in a local hospital. I’m a kind of person who really enjoy long walks and maybe some of you are not so thrilled with the whole idea. I can understand that, but if you’re searching for an answer how to induce labor naturally, this may really help.

Long walks was not the only thing I tried. Wherever I found a helpful and safe advice how to induce labor, either online or in the books, I incorporated in my strategy. Spicy foods, pineapple…even an eggplant. I avoided bumpy car rides, which are also recommended by old wives’ tales, since I’m really not the kind of person who enjoys it…my spine doesn’t find that very healthy. But, I also included walking upstairs and downstairs, since it’s said that it helps the baby to drop down lower in the pelvic region, speed up the birth process, and take the best position. You’ll know that the baby has “dropped” by feeling the additional pressure on your cervix, more frequent going to the bathroom and you’ll suddenly breath much better, than in the previous stadium of pregnancy.

Almost forgot, exercises and fitness during pregnancy certainly help, but you don’t have to be Miss fitness to feel good. A few appropriate exercises per day will do. Ask your midwife or doctor to direct you. Week 39 slowly ended and I felt relaxed and strong. But, baby still didn’t come out. And that’s how the week 40 has started. How to induce labor naturally and safely was still an open question!


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