Posted by: inducelabor | June 10, 2008

How To Induce Labor Using Acupressure

I wasn’t happy with the fact that the week 40 has begun. But on the other side, I felt safe and confident. The best thing when thinking about how to induce labor naturally and safely, is that you improve quality of your life. You do the best things for your body and it’s easier than usual, because you are aware that you’re not doing that just for you, but for your baby’s sake too.

Thankfully to relaxation exercises and walks, I felt good in my body, although my stomach was bigger than ever. Doctor and my midwife were very convincing when claiming that baby is healthy, but doctor carefully suggested that in case that nothing happens until the end of week 40, I’ll probably have to seriously consider medical induction. I wasn’t satisfied, but I know from earlier that I could expect it.

I’ve heard for the acupressure a long time ago, and I’ve recently read a lot about how it can help to bring on labor. But, none of my friends ever used acupressure to induce. That was the big problem for me. I didn’t want to experiment, even though everything sounded very reasonable. Actually, I liked the whole idea. Someone should touch special points of my body (acupuncture points) and that should stimulate contractions in the most natural way. It was safe above everything, for both, baby and me. It was proven by usage through the centuries. But I still hesitated. It was something completely new and I wasn’t ready to give it a shot just like that. I thought so much about how to induce labor and didn’t want to make rash decision.


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