Posted by: inducelabor | June 23, 2008

Natural Way How To Induce Labor By Using Acupressure – Finally!

However, the possibility of induction increased. I bought this book about acupressure techniques that can teach you how to induce labor at home, a couple of days before, because I just wanted to learn more. Everything made sense. I’ve asked my doctor about it and he gave me the green light by saying that nothing bad can happen if I try. My husband agreed, despite being suspicious at the beginning. There was this site about the couple who wandered how to induce labor and finally did the same thing as we. He said, that also helped him to make his mind, cause sometimes it’s good to know that you’re not the only one…
The instructions were so easy to digest and apply. We did it gently for 20 to 30 minutes like the book suggested the very same night we made a decision to do it. Almost immediately I felt that something is going on by the way that my body reacted to applying pressure to 6 acupressure points, the way that Dr. Lena Leino suggested in her book. The very next morning I went into full labor, 12 hours in total after I tried acupressure, and I’ve had a normal delivery with epidural in 8 hours. I felt constant pain during those 8 hours, every minute since the beginning, but doctor said that everything is normal. My beautiful baby boy that weighted 4.5 kilos was born! I felt relief and gratitude to the author of the book, which I believe is one of the rare that is available online.

Great book. Easily to understand and practice. Thank you dear Dr. Lena for helping me so much. Your book Easier, Shorter and Safer Birth helped me a great deal. Even though I believe that everything I tried before, like pineapple juice, spicy foods and relaxation exercises and walking helped me too, I believe that the acupressure was the single most important thing to finally bring on labor, because I just do not believe in coincidence and there are so many people online, that have similar experiences with “how to induce labor” question.



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